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Giving Back

Crisis is lonely. One of the greatest blessings to Emmett and his family was the care they received from others. When Emmett was alone in the hospital, it was very clear that no matter how physically alone he was, he was surrounded by things. These “things” were from people. They were reminders each time he picked up a brush that the brush, paint and paper represented someone. Someone who cared deeply for him. With each reminder, came motivation and endurance for Emmett’s family to press on and continue the difficult journey of advocating for the care that Emmett desperately needs and deserves. Emmett is still in crisis. The profit from these cards are covering some of the costs to provide round the clock care for him. But, it will always be important to recognize that giving back, even in crisis, encourages a ripple effect of kindness & allows Emmett to further spread joy to others.  


Each Month, a different charity will be selected and a portion of all proceeds will be donated back to help others. Each charity selected will be relational to Autism, Profound Autism and/or intellectual disabilities. By purchasing and distributing Emmett’s Collection, you are a super spreader of Emmett’s Joy!!!!


The hope for the future is that Emmett will come out of crisis & Emmett’s Collection will continue to grow and continue to provide support to other children and families who are in crisis.

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