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Emmett’s love & talent for painting with watercolors was uncovered in the summer of 2021, when he entered an ER in crisis. Considering all of Emmett’s challenges, paint is a way for his gifts and talent to surface between difficult meltdowns that prevent Emmett from doing basic things like, making simple choices, handling change in routine or even navigating through a restaurant or store.  When Emmett paints, aside from the beautiful work Emmett creates, he is able to demonstrate his ability to remain calm in an activity. He has shown he can purposefully engage, rather than constantly attacking…a major accomplishment most days.   


Each unique piece of art is decided on by Emmett and he is proud of his art when he completes a painting. The art ranges from holiday images, to flowers, to animals and objects that spark his interest. Each unique piece of art represents a place on Emmett’s Journey where joy has replaced frustration and hope replaces defeat.    


Your purchase of Emmett’s Collection helps Emmett to receive the level of care he needs at home to be successful and safe while he awaits the next step in treatment. For now, there is no time line mapped out when that care will become available. This can include but is not limited to staff, supplies and additional support that is appropriate to his care and safety.

How can I help ensure Emmett's first art show is a success?

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