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Meet Emmett

Emmett is a 14 year old boy living with Profound Non-verbal Autism and Intellectual Disability. He also fits into the small percentage of individuals with aggressive physical behaviors that cause harm to either himself or the people around him. He enjoys playing ice hockey, listening to music, outdoor walks in nature, baking, crafting and painting. The behaviors associated with his autism entered him into crisis in July 2021. After being denied care from over 30 psychiatric med stabilization units, Emmett became a hostage to the failing mental system and remained in a medical hospital for 123 days. He was discharged in November 2021.

Emmett-Self Portrait.jpg

During his hospitalization, Emmett spent hours upon hours creating art with his mother to pass the time. Emmett’s room was decorated from floor to ceiling, on every wall, with the brightly colored images that covered the sterile walls with joy. In the 123 days there, Emmett was not permitted to go outside. He was confined to a room in a small unit and eventually moved to an even smaller room in a smaller unit, while he waited for an opening in a long term residential care facility.  


Emmett is currently living at home.  His receives BHRS services in the home and attending school locally.   He is still waiting for Waiver Funding, in place of a residential care facility. Under the care of his parents and their advocacy efforts, he is thriving.  His dangerous behaviors are still present at times, but manangable with the proper support.  He continues to require 24-hour supervision and care.   He paints everyday!

Emmett IMG_4694.jpg
Emmett IMG_8312.jpg
Emmett IMG_8047.jpg

How can I help ensure Emmett's first art show is a success?

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