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Meet Emmett

Emmett is a 13 year old boy living with Profound Non-verbal Autism and Intellectual Disability. He also fits into the small percentage of individuals with aggressive physical behaviors. He enjoys playing ice hockey, outdoor walks, baking, crafting and painting.


Emmett remains in crisis. He continues to struggle with behaviors and oftentimes is unsafe. He paints everyday!

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Emmett's Art Gallery...

Each unique piece of art is decided on by Emmett and he is proud of his art when he completes a painting. The art ranges from holiday images, to flowers, to animals and objects that spark his interest.


Each unique piece of art represents a place on Emmett’s Journey where joy has replaced frustration and hope replaces defeat.

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Emmett Gives Back

Each Month, a different charity will be selected and a portion of all proceeds will be donated back to help others.

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